Studio In Crafts

Studio in Crafts will introduce students to traditional and contemporary crafts and art forms. The projects may require additional time outside of the class to complete if you fall behind, so please be ready to keep to the schedule. Though the focus of the course is not on drawing, you will need to draw for this class for every project. Creativity is stressed in the construction and finishing of all products. Self-assessment and group critiques will be important in this class, so please be prepared to share your opinions.
This class is worth 1 credit.

Course Expectations

Studio in Crafts is a fundamental 3-dimensional design course that uses many elements of 2-dimensional design. We will be working with a variety of different mediums throughout the year to create original art. You will not be allowed to use copyrighted characters or images (ie, no Sponge Bob, Hello Kitty, Naruto, etc.).
Art is a language of symbols. Before beginning anything you must first decide what it is that you are trying to say in each piece, and every piece always says something, even when you do not mean it to. Then use the techniques described and shown to you to create original art. In this class you will learn about the elements and principles of art including line, pattern, shape, color, rhythm, and more.

What to bring:

  • Bring a pencil and your sketchbook to every class.
  • You may want to bring a shirt or a smock with you as well to store in your bin. Some of our projects can be messy, and I will not allow you to get out of work because you are afraid of ruining your clothing.
  • A positive attitude and a willingness to try new things.

Due dates will be set for each project and if you work steadily you will have no trouble completing them by the due date. If you need to come in for study hall or lunch to work on a project I am always available. All projects will have a self-assessment sheet that needs to be turned in at the end of the project. You will also need to turn in any other class work (sketches, worksheets) for the project. You will not receive a grade if you do not turn these in.


Do not ask me if a project is “worth a 65” or passing as it is. You are expected to do your best and there is no “good enough” in this class. Review your projects based on the self assessment sheet at the end of each lesson to see what I am looking for and if your project matches those requirements. You should never be surprised by the requirements of the project because you will always have them.
You will be graded on Participation, Project Quality and Sketchbooks/Homework.

  • Participation is how well you work in class, and the sketches, worksheets and written final assessments on the grading sheet. You will receive a daily participation grade based on the following criteria.

1 point- You are engaged for half of the class.
2 points - You are engaged for the full class.
3 points - You have TURNED OFF YOUR CELL PHONE AND PUT IT AWAY. If I see you on your phone at all you will not get this point. The only time a mobile device may be used in class will be when I ask you to for a project.
4 points - Cleaning up materials including paint, paintbrushes, paper, pencil and everything that you used in a class. NEVER LEAVE MATERIALS IN THE SINK OR ON THE TABLES

  • Project quality is the overall quality of your project based on areas that are unique to each project. These are listed on the rubrics on the back of the lesson plan that you will be given at the beginning of each project. As long as you take your time and do your best on a project you should have no problems in this class. If you finish a project a week ahead of schedule, I suggest that you go back into it and keep working on it.
  • The remaining 1/3rd of your ten-week grade will be based on the weekly sketchbook assignment. You may turn your sketchbook in to be graded as soon as it is finished for the week. If you take time out of your class to do a sketchbook assignment because you forget to do your homework you will lose 1 participation point at least.
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