Studio In Art

Skecthbook due each Friday (see list below)

Studio in Art is a yearlong introduction in beginning drawing, painting, and two-dimensional work. The course will concentrate on stirring your interest and your creativity in a variety of mediums. Students will also explore art history and how artists have affected the work of today. Critiques will play an important part in the evaluation process. Sketchbook work will be mandatory. Sketchbooks will be needed by the 2nd week of school.

Course Expectations

Through Studio Art you will learn and practice the skills needed to create 2-Dimensional artwork using different materials. You will create project in Pencil, Shaded Pencil, Charcoal, Colored Pencil, Stippling, Pastel, and Paint. Through drawing from life and picture reference that you take, you will learn structural drawing, line quality, value, and texture, among other techniques. Class will consist of teacher demonstrations or lectures, followed by student exercises or time to work on projects.

Through the year you will keep a sketchbook with weekly assignments to practice concepts from class. Homework will consist of bringing what you need to begin each project, completing projects not finished in class for the critiques, & sketchbook assignments.

Through Studio art, students will learn the terms & techniques needed to begin speaking & interpreting the ‘visual language’ of art. This begins with the basic ability to draw what you see, then moving on to:

  • process of creating work in different media & presenting it for display
  • Working through revisions & techniques to portray an intended feeling or message
  • Competency in creating a composition that works to make a successful piece.

Grading will consist of equal parts: Participation, Projects, and Sketchbooks.
Extra credit assignments can be given.

Participation is needed & expected. Students who use class time well have little work outside class. Each day you will earn 0-4 participation points.

  • 4 Points (100%) Prepared, Working ail class period, cleaning up well after yourself.
  • 3 Points (75%) lacking I of these, or not using class time well.
  • 2 Points (50%) lacking 2 of these, or use of 1/2 of class time.
  • 1 Points (25%) lacking 3 of these, or poor use of class time.
  • 0 Points (0%) none of these - no work in class.

Each Project grade will have 3 parts. 1/3rd of each project grade will be 'Craftsmanship’. The other 2/3rds will be concepts that change with each project.
Example: Charcoal project = 1/3rd craftsmanship, 1/3rd textures, & 1/3rd differing values
Colored Pencil = 1/3rd craftsmanship, 1/3rd color blending, & 1/3rd textures

Good craftsmanship can be seen in a clean, wrinkle-free project that was carefully created. We will have a class critique to discuss successful techniques at the end of each project. 5 points will be taken per day a project is late.

Sketchbooks will be due the last day of each week. They must be in pencil, and compiled in a neat collection to be accepted.

For class you will need:

  • Sketchbook (at least 8'xl1')
  • Pencils
  • Sharpie Ultra Fine black marker
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