This half-year course will help the student explore the creation of sculpture. Students will work in a variety of mediums as they study various artists from the past and learn from their art works. Students will be creating drawings of sculptures so that they will understand the light properties and the use of negative space as well as the sculpture itself. Group and written evaluations will be part of the overall evaluation.

PREREQUISITE: Studio in Art or Crafts



Course Expectations

Student Audience – Grade Level(s): 10, 11, 12

Semester(s) Offered: Half Year (January-June)

Course Description: Sculpture is an advanced 3-dimensional design course with a focus on sculptural techniques for rendering 3d forms. We will specifically study form, and the principles of 3 dimensional design along with other elements of art. Group critiques throughout the course will introduce and reinforce critical thought processes about each piece throughout the length of the course.

Course Prerequisites: Studio in Crafts or Studio in Art

Minimal Basic Skills Needed to Complete Course Successfully: Basic skills are needed in drawing and an understanding of form and composition.

Course Goals and Objectives:
1) To grow technical skills through direct observational study.
2) To communicate ideas about a subject through the expressive use of the medium and the use of design principles and art elements.
3) To learn to analyze peer work and historical examples of sculpture throughout art history in order to achieve better results within the student’s work.
4) To learn to critically analyze sketches and photography for later use in a studio setting.

Texts and Materials:
There is no specific text for this course, but there will be articles assigned to you based on what we are currently studying, and videos assigned for you to watch.

Method of Instruction:
Course objectives will be achieved through lecture, demonstrations, video presentation, historical and contemporary examples and group critique. Students will make use of many free resources such as Google tools, You Tube videos, web-sites and more. Review of your body of work will take place every ten weeks.

Student Responsibilities:
Students are expected to be prompt, self-motivated , manage time well and participate in class critiques and discussion. While we will use every class to the fullest extent, it is expected that students will put extra time into their work outside of class time if it is required to complete a project on time. Each student is responsible for keeping a personal sketchbook to experiment in, gestate thumbnails and ideas, and practice foundational skills.

Academic Integrity
Use of copywritten images is strictly forbidden (unless we are specifically studying such a piece). All images and photographic reference must be your own. Failure to comply with this will result in a removal of the project from the grade book until an appropriate project is turned in. If you use copywritten images as reference, you must change the final result so that the original image is not recognizable and clearly distinguishable from the original source. If you are doing a study of a master work you must credit the master that you have copied.

Calendar of Course Topics: (Please note that these are subject to change)

Additive Unit Projects

  • Life Casting and Ceramic Sculpture
  • Paper Maché figure Sculpture
  • Clay Portrait

Subtractive Unit Projects

  • Relief Sculpture

Additive/Subtractive Unit Projects

  • Non-representational Self-Portrait

Required Readings, Presentations, Written Assignments, etc.:
There will be homework assignments to read a variety of articles and study technical videos. These will be assigned as homework to avoid taking up class time.


Evaluation/Grading System:
Students projects are 50% of the grade based on technical understanding, effort, originality and evaluation of proof of concept. 25% of the grade will be based on class participation, critiques, class discussion, and time management. 25% of the grade will be based on sketchbook assignments that will continue throughout the year.

Make-Up Policy/Late Work:
Late work is reduced by 10 points per day until it is turned in barring weekend days.

Attendance Policy:
Attendance for this course is mandatory on all days throughout the second half of the year. If you will miss a class due to other academic work, or unforeseen circumstances, it is your responsibility to make up the class time so that you will meet all due dates. If you know that you will be out, please notify me immediately.

Additional Assistance:
If you feel yourself falling behind for any reason, please let me know. I am in my room and available to you whenever other assigned duties are not conflicting with these office hours.

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