Light Color Design On Line Only

Light and Color are typically the most difficult visual principles for artists to master and for many to understand. Using James Gurney’s award winning book Color and Light: A guide for the realist painter , and a series of short projects, this course will demystify the challenges of dealing with light and color. By breaking the proper use of light and color into a measurable scientific approach, this course is good for beginners and for those who are seeking to establish a portfolio, or even simply to increase their understanding of their own visual perception.
Grading is based on the following criteria:
Participation: Participation will be one third of the grade, and will be measured through the completion of short projects. See me for materials for these projects. The project is not being graded as an artist piece, but as a technical exercise. As long as you meet the dictates of the assignment and show understanding of the concept that we are studying, the majority of the grade is simply turning them in.
Journal: Part of our journey into color and light will is becoming aware of the play of those forces around us. A written/drawn journal will be kept for each day in which you will write a questions based on a light or color that you see, draw a sketch of it, and then research your answer in our text. If the answer is not in our textbook we will research the question further until the answer is found. This will be one third of the grade.
Written Report : Once per quarter you will choose a topic within the text that we have examined to investigate further. This report will be a minimum of five pages in length and will have specific due dates for the topic, outline, rough draft, etc. This will be the remainder of the grade for this course.
Traditions of Color
Sources of Light
Light and Form
Elements of Color
Color Relationships
Paint and Pigments
Visual perception
Surfaces and Effects
Atmospheric Effects

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