Drawing Mr Taylor

Course Expectations

Studio in Drawing - Mr. Taylor
Studio in drawing is a 2-dimensional design course focusing on the use of the elements of art and design to create original works of art. We will be working with a variety of mediums throughout the year to create these pieces.
Art is a language of symbols and before beginning anything you must first decide what it is that you are trying to say. You may not use any copy written work in this class and all ideas must be original.

What you need for this class:

  • A pencil (probably more than one so buy a box of them.)
  • A sketchbook (We will be making our own)
  • Original ideas and a good work ethic

The sketchbook and homework:
You are required to keep a sketchbook for this class. Once a week your sketchbook is to be turned in to me. In the sketchbook you may draw whatever you like from life, pictures, or from imagination. You will also be asked to keep project ideas in these sketchbooks as well. You will keep at least one sketchbook per quarter with at least one drawing per week, not counting sketches for projects done in class. This will be 1/3rd of your grade each quarter.

We will be doing a number of projects this year that will challenge you to try new things. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone and you must be willing to accept that. Due dates will be set for each project and you are expected to keep to these dates. This class will be very difficult to do well in if you spend the bare minimum of time on your projects so plan for extra time for each assignment.
All projects are subject to multiple critiques and a self assessment sheet.



Each project is broken down into two categories: Participation and Project Quality. These are worth 2/3rds of your ten-week grade.

  • Participation is how well you work in class, and the sketches, worksheets and written final assessments on the grading sheet.
  • Project quality is the overall quality of your project based on areas that are unique to each. As long as you take your time and do your best on a project you should have no problems in this class. If you finish a project a week ahead of schedule, I suggest that you go back into it and keep working on it. If you are afraid of missing a deadline you are expected to take work home or to come in as needed to complete the assignment.
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