Art History On Line Only

For a completely rounded art education a student must have a firm grasp on where art has been, its trends, and its movements. This course is designed to give a student an overview of art history from prehistoric times through contemporary trends. Using Carol Strickland’s text The Annotated Mona Lisa: A Crash Course in Art History from Prehistoric to Post-Modern (second edition) we will explore art history and what it means for you, the student of the arts. In addition to the text we will be looking at art from various time periods to round out the text assignments and provide further examples.
This course will be graded based on the following criteria.
Quizzes will make up one third of the grade and will be short answer.
Tests will make up one third of the grade and be short and long answer. There will be two tests per quarter.
Written reports will be the remainder of the grade. The written reports will be based on student study of a specific artist or time period within our area of study.
The Birth of Art through the Rebirth of Art: Prehistory through Renaissance and Baroque
The Nineteenth Century
The Twentieth Century
The Twentieth Century through Contemporary Art

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