8th Grade Art

Mr. Negus 8th Grade Art

Mr. Taylor 8th Grade Art

8th Grade Art is a course designed to introduce you to the technical skills that will be useful in more advanced art courses. This class is ten weeks long and this means that we have a lot of material to cover in a short amount of time. We will cover several different techniques for drawing and creating works of art in this class as well as learning about a few artists who will be important to our projects. Each project will be introduced with a short lecture but will mostly be a hands on approach to learning.
The following is a list of things that we will cover in this class during our projects. Please note that the schedule may be subject to change.

  • Drawing
  • Color and Shading
  • 3-Dimensional work (sculpture or pottery)
  • Painting techniques

Please be sure to bring a pencil to class. I have a limited supply and need to use what I have wisely for you and the other 100 and something odd students who go through this room every day.

Homework will be assigned to you only if you have not completed your class work or are in danger of not completing it.

Tests and Quizzes
There are no tests or quizzes in this class…enjoy it while you can.

There will be one or more critiques during the ten weeks. A critique is when we put our artwork out to be viewed by our peers and examine it to find ways to make it better from another viewpoint. Critiques are meant to be informative and thought provoking, not mean and spiteful. Please keep that in mind.

Grading will be based on your projects, your ability to focus on a task, and your overall attitude in this class. Do not slack off, be considerate, and do the best that you can and there will not be any problem.

Extra Help
I am available both before and after school for extra help.

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